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MARINA EL PORTET - Moll de la pansa, s/n Dénia (Alicante)
Latitud: 40.7127837 Longitud: -74.0059413
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in Denia

Costa Blanca Kiteschool is a training and practice centre to immerse you in the exciting world of Kiteboarding.

The school is in Denia, on the Costa Blanca of Alicante (Spain). The Costa Blanca is one of the most important places in Europe because of the weather conditions that make this area a perfect place to practice Kite Surf and Paddle Surf.

We have highly qualified instructors by the Valencian Sailing Federation as a guarantee of teaching. Manuel Sanz is the director of Costa Blanca Kiteschool, who is an experienced sailor and kiteboarding practitioner since the beginning of this sport in 1999.

Your kite school in Denia

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everything you need
Costa Blanca Kiteschool has different facilities where you can enjoy even more of the kiteboarding experience. Users have the kite shop, where they can rent and buy any product, as well as they can make use of the different areas and services offered by the school:
Navegation area
We have our own bounded navigation area.
We offer meals and drinks from 9 until 10 pm.
In order to make easy the assembly of your material you can use of the blowing compressor.
Shower area
The shower area is available to all users.
We have a storeroom where you can keep your material throughout the season.
Kite Park
We have a permanent and unique Kite park in Spain.
You can enjoy our massage service by reservation.
We have an onshore and on-board photography service to immortalize your best moments of navigation.
We have a rescue boat with which the staff of our centre can rescue you in case you have a setback.
Relax area
You can relax and rest after a good sailing session.