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MARINA EL PORTET - Moll de la pansa, s/n Dénia (Alicante)
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Kite Surf
Kite Surf

Costa Blanca Kiteschool uses a own methodology of teaching that is adapted to the needs of each person.

Each student evolves differently so we believe that the teaching of this sport must be individualized. During the course of kite surf the student will meet together with his instructor in tandem mode. In this way the student can be continuously monitored in the water where the instructor supervises in real time the exercises and corrects any failures.

Our teaching method meets the standards of safety at sea. We believe that safety is the principal idea of this sport. That is why our courses are endowed with the theory of navigation.

One to one
Teaching direct student-instructor. During the course you will form the perfect tandem.
Learn from the shore. It is the fastest and safest technique for practicing kiteboarding.
The ideal spot
The Costa Blanca is an ideal place to practice kiteboarding thanks to its favorable weather conditions.
one-day experience
Learn the principles of this sport and do the basic exercises on land with an instructor.

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Beginning course
In this course you will learn the basics about kite surf and you will achieve your first ride on the board.

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Advance course
You will consolidate your riding on board, apply the basic rules of navigation and learn the main self-rescue techniques.

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Assisted navigation service
This service is offered to people who already kite and want to be under the supervision of an instructor.

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Kite Safari
Discover our Secret spots at the Costa Blanca where nobody can access there. Experiment the freedom of kite at the open sea with an auxiliary rib with you during all the session.

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Our kite surf courses have the best facilities for the enjoyment of the kiteboarding experience in the safest way and with the methodologies adapted to each student:
The course is taught offshore, during the class you’ll be at open sea with plenty of room and clean wind.
Faster learning curve
With One to One courses we can adapt our teaching methodology to your needs increasing you’re learning curve.
One to one
This is the way we teach, one student- one instructor. You’ll be on tandem mode with an instructor behind of you.
Total elimination of time-out
Riding offshore you won’t spend time walking around the beach or stoppages due to changes in wind direction.
Safety increased
You won’t have kites around of you; in addition you’ll be under the surveillance of a security boat.
Suitable Equipment
Ozone Kites and Axis boards provides the equipment that you need. We have different brands of kites and boards according to your skills.
& enjoy it
We offer you all the material you need so you don’t miss anything in your kiteboarding experience.

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& ride your way
For lovers of kiteboarding, you have the best equipment and accessories from Ozone Kites and Axis boards.

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